Strategic Projects
In most industries, strategy implementation has a lot to do with using processes and technology wisely to enable business. From early EDC implementation to SaaS based solutions we have accompanied the introduction of enabling technologies to the Pharmaceutical R&D for the past 25 years. Below are some of the most important projects that have nourished our experience of how technology can enhance  capabilities and drive efficiency. We have witnessed successes and setbacks and both had a lot to teach us...
 1999-2001: One of the first EDMS
 2001-2004: EDC pioneering
This was one of the very first implementations of a Documentum-based EDMS integrating a comprehensive document repository and one of the early electronic submission systems allowing the semi-automated production of CANDA (Computer-Assisted New Drug Application). A large global team integrating business subject matter experts on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and top level consultants produced a brilliant result that has survived through two subsequent mergers. 
In the early 2000' EDC had already made several failed attempts to enter the Clinical Research area. Then Phase Forward® launched the first real web-based solution and Schering-Plough was one of their first partners. This was a genuine "new frontier" and exploring it was one of the most exciting experiences. Through the chaos that followed the September 11th tragedy, thanks to this powerful technology we were able to keep the pace on our path to register the first drug that would break the "double digit" billion barrier.
 2007-2010: Eldorado
2010-2012: Re-inventing the BSC 
The merger of two companies is never a simple affair, less so when it comes to re-inventing the one system that holds the R&D backbone and stretches across the 15 o 20 years of drug development cycles. Merging three EDM systems and two eCTD building tools in less than a year on the wake of a large regulatory submission appeared as a titanic task. Once more, a steadfast management and the obsessive focus on the final goal made it possible.
Strategic Performance systems tend to come and go at the pace of corporate management changes. Keeping the Balanced Scorecard inherited from an agile biotech organization and turning it into a performance tool adapted to an 18000-employee and 350 year-old organization, took both courage and imagination.
 2011-2012: W3 (We know, We do, We grow)
2016: PocketEDMS: EDMS for small companies
Subsidiary optimization project involving the internal knowledge of the business and mobilizing the company's own resources to identify weaknesses and implement solutions. This project served as a pilot to the large scale global restructuring of a large pharma company. 
In 2016 we launched a DIA initiative aimed at helping small and medium sized companies select, acquire and deploy an EDMS without the cost and burden of traditional processes. Now the "small guys" can have the same tools and services as the "big guys".
 2012 - 2015: Large pharma restructuring                
2017: Structured Content Management       
The decision to change a global company with fifty thousand employees deployed in more than eighty countries and make it a more rational and agile organization was a courageous one. Among the most complex parts was the commercial organization scattered over more than sixty locations and covering close to 9000 employees. We have helped plan and execute the efficiency program for this part of the pharmaceutical division which is delivering stellar results. 
Imagine a world where you could write a 500-page book in a few hours. Where one can prepare the  next season catalog of an online retail business with new products and prices with a few clicks. A world where you can quickly review and update a large clinical trial report and where you are always on time with the review and revision of all your SOPs. Well, this world exists. It is the world of Structured Content Management. 

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