The Balanced Scorecard

“Beyond the pure financial view provided by many executive dashboards, modern methodo- logies such as the Balanced Scorecard incorporate forward-looking metrics centered on learning, internal processes and customer perception. These approaches give executives a holistic view of the future of their company and allow them to set and follow the right per- formance indicators”.

Pocket EDMS

It is understood that small organizations do not have the resources (human or financial) and frequently even lack the necessary knowledge and experience for selecting an EDMS through a classic detailed procedure.
However, recent innovation has led to dramatic reduction of the cost and burden of ownership of an EDMS and the development of standards has greatly simplified the setup procedures.
Without the burden of a classic selection process, implementing such a package is possible for small companies at a fraction of the traditional cost.
Pocket EDMS is a reference EDM implementation protocol for small sized companies.

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